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The Internet, Earth, Milky Way, Universe # 169

If you are here you probably are thinking..."SO, whats up with this website? How is this different than any other site that reviews places or gives travel tips?"


Well, plain and simple our goal is to cut through the Bullshit. No top ten lists, no ambiguous "do this activity, stay in this area" we are going to give direct advice and hopefully save you money and help you have a better time traveling.


Everyone who contributes to this site has a full time job. None of us are independently wealthy. We all love to travel and have new experiences but we do so on a limited budget and with limited time....just like most of you. Our goal is to highlight those places that you can go, things you can do, or places you can eat/drink to get the deepest experience and the most bang for the buck. 



Lee(LH):Co-Founder of MaxxExx, serial entrepreneur, lover of both food and drink. Born and raised in Louisiana, I have always enjoyed cooking, eating, and drinking. Spent some time in kitchens during college and dream of starting my own later in life. Travel is the base of all my hobbies and one of my biggest passions. I enjoy most anything new and different. One of my many life goals is to go somewhere I have never been at least once per year. 

James(JPO):Co-Founder of MaxxExx, Adrenaline Seeker, Traveler. Believe in living clean and seeking to get the most out of everyday. Always on the go and looking for the next adventure. Always in for all night travel for adventures to maximize my personal time. Love exploring native cultures and get some perspective on other peoples lives.

Christopher(CC): - I’m searching for grapes to harvest and discovering local cuisine along the way! As a Sommelier & Specialist of Wine, there is something about the vineyards I’ve always felt drawn to. Having been in the service industry for 17 years, I’ve enjoyed working the floor from Mom & Pop shops to Michelin Star service. Also during my travels, I will some times mentor English, and get to know new friends. Ciao

The Internet, Earth, Milky Way, Universe # 169



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