58 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris, France

+33 9 66 97 92 08

Open 7PM–2AM

When you visit a place like Paris there are often times that it is tough to nail down the best of the best. In my case, during my most recent trip, the winner (at least when it came to bars) was clear. To me Paris is the epitome of what used to be. You can just feel the history in the air. Part of the history involves quite a few Americans back in the days of prohibition. There was never a need for a speakeasy in Paris but none the less there were those places that reminded Americans of back home. The Ballroom is one of those places, bartenders who practice their art in dark places and produce libations that suit the guest. The drinks are not cheap but they are worth it. Without a doubt a place I will visit again. 
Note: the Beef Club upstairs is also worth a worthy stop.


Ballroom, Paris, France

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Ballroom, Paris, France

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