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Live like royalty....for as long as you can afford it. Monaco being one of the quintessential "Rich" places of the world, it does not disappoint. The yachts, the cars, the people, the views. the buildings, the landscaping: all superb. You can truly get a taste of what it is like to have old money. To get into the Casino, be conscious of how you dress, a backpacker doing Europe on foot likely will not be admitted, but a casual dresser shouldn't have an issue unless there is an event. I would suggest going during the day. The table games will be foreign for most Americans but they are fun to watch none the less. There is video gambling if you wish but I prefer the tables. I was able to find a game similar to Texas Hold'em were I was able to walk out with a few hundred more Euro than I started with. My wife and I stayed in Nice and took the train into Monaco. The train ride itself gives opportunity to view the coastline and both walking and people watching in Monaco were unforgettable. 
Pro tip: visit Ventimiglia just a stop or two down the tracks in Italy. the market there is phenomenal!


Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco

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