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Whistler. If you’ve been in the mountain biking community within the last 3-4 years, you’ve probably heard about it. I’m a mountain biker and this place is the real deal. My riding style is fast, steep, techy and big features. I like to be slightly out of control most of the time while riding. With that being said, Whistler Bike Park has trails that satisfy me and all other riding styles. Let’s back up. Whistler is located about 2hrs north of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Getting there is pretty simple, fly to Vancouver, rent a car and go north on BC-99 (Sea to Sky Hwy) until you get to Whistler. Most of the places I’ve stayed while in Whistler have been Airbnb properties located around the village. The village has lots of stores and restaurants. During the busy season, there will be lots of tourists and biking enthusiasts all over the village. There’s plenty of bike rental shops in the village, but I would call in advance to book a reservation. Unless you plan to ship your bike, which if that is the case. Contact us for more information on how we have perfected the process of bringing your bike with you to Whistler. Now back to the trails and riding. Whistler has large variety of trails from beginner to expert to Pro Only trails. Each trail has a color designating the level of difficulty and a symbol designating whether it is a technical type trail or a slopestyle type trail. The bike park is laid out very well and it’s easy to navigate the trails without getting lost. So whether you riding green slopestyle trails and enjoying the time on 2 wheels with family or crushing out runs on the double black diamond technical trails pushing your limit and luck, this place will give you everything you desire. For my downhill adrenaline comrades, take a few runs down A-Line for some lofty jumps and air time. Once you’ve had your fill, move over to Dirt Merchant and don’t touch your brakes for full senders. For techy trails, you have to get down Lower Whistler DH, Original Sin and Lower Dusty’s Downhill. The seasoned riders looking for the maximum whistler has to offer check out all the pro lines: A1, Crabapple Hits, and Dwayne Johnson. Also, make dust on Schleyer, Clown Shoes, French Connection and Canadian Open DH. That’s just a fraction of the trails that are out there to ride and trust me you’ll want to ride them all during your time there. Speaking of, Whistler is open for extended hours June-August. Open daily at 10am and closing at 8pm. That is 10 hours of riding. If you can last for 10 hours on the hill, I’ll buy you a beer at Garibaldi Lift Co. or Longhorn Saloon & Grill. My two favorite places for a cold one. After that don’t skip out on the chance to sit and eat at Sushi Village. One last thing, Whistler is home to the last stop on Crankworx every year. It’s a huge event that spans ~10 days at the bike park. It is worth going. You see the top athletes doing what they do best and pushing the limits of the sport. It will be busy, but nothing beats seeing what is possible in real life. I could continue, but I’ll stop there. I’ll say it again, I’m a mountain biker and if you are too then you need to visit/ride these trails. 
Sleep Later – Whistler Bike Park


Whistler Bike Park, British Columbia

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